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50 Years of Pride

Winter Pride

2019 Winter Pride Schedule – 50 Years of Pride

Monday November 25th

50 Years of Pride – “Songs & Stories”

Hosted by The Queen of Ireland, Panti Bliss, sit back in the impressive surroundings of The National Concert Hall on Earlsfort Terrace and enjoy a journey through 50 years of gay anthems and LGBT+ stories with a special guest cast including: The Queen Mother – Mr Pussy (Alan Amsby), Gloria, Paul Harrington, Veda featuring Lady K, Sparkle, Brew, Phil T Gorgeous, Bunny, David Gough and more to be announced.
Location: National Concert Hall, Earlsfort Terrace, Dublin 2
Time: 8.00pm
Price €25

Performing Artists

Panti is considered to be Ireland’s foremost drag queen. Panti was the hostess of the annual Alternative Miss Ireland pageant and is our host of the first Winter Pride Concert, Panti regularly hosts our annual Dublin Pride celebrations since the early 90’s until 2015 which takes place in the month of June every year. ‘Panti’ is short for ‘Pandora Panti Bliss’ as we look over 50 years of Pride, Panti has become The Queen of Ireland and has made history not only as a drag queen but also as a key activist and is at the heart of what Irish LGBT+ community is all about.

Opening our show Mr. Pussy (real name Alan Amsby) is a Dublin-based female impersonator, Ireland’s “most misleading lady” who befriended Gavin Friday in the early nineties. Alan’s life story inspired the song “Mr. Pussy” on Gavin’s 1995 album “Shag Tobacco“.

Born in South London, Amsby was a wig maker with Marlene Dietrich as one of his clients. He frequented the famous Vauxhall Tavern which featured drag shows and got into the act himself on a dare:

“A friend of mine teamed up with me and we made up an act, We did a couple of shows and pretty quickly we became very popular in London. We called ourselves Pussy and Bow and it seemed to work very well. One night, Judy Garland came to see us. She was with Johnnie Ray at the time.”

When the double act broke up, Alan fulfilled standing commitments in Belfast on his own under the name ‘Mr. Pussy’, after which, in 1969, he traveled down to Dublin and decided to stay. His first time on Irish TV was in 1969 on Late Late Show with Gay Byrne, He became a prominent feature in Irish cabaret.

Eurovision Queen Niamh Kavanagh is an Irish singer who sang the winning entry at the Eurovision Song Contest 1993. The 1993 Eurovision Song Contest was held in Millstreet, County Cork, Republic of Ireland. She sang “In Your Eyes” to clinch a second consecutive win for Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest. Niamh has performed at all the major Pride Festivals over there years and her love for the LGBT+ community was shown in 2017 when she sang I Am What I Am to over 10,000 people at Dublin LGBTQ+ Pride in Smithfield with everyone joining in, to Limerick Pride & The Outing Festival only last year.

Brian Kennedy (singer)
Brian who has performed at Dublin Pride in front of over 10,000 in 2017 is an Irish singer-songwriter and author from Belfast. He scored a number of hit singles and albums in the UK and Ireland during the 1990s and 2000s. He represented Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2006 and finished in 10th place

Brian will be joining Eurovision Winners like Niamh Kavanagh and Paul Harrington

Glória DLGC (LGBT+ Choir) was founded to provide a safe and comfortable space for those within the LGBT community to meet and sing together and to promote a positive image of LGBT life in Ireland. While Ireland has changed dramatically for the better since its foundation in 1995, they remain committed to their Outreach Programme – traveling extensively, bringing the joy of harmonious music, flying the flag and promoting a positive image of LGBT lives. As a registered charity Glória does a lot of fundraising for community projects and important causes and they thank you for all the years of support.

Musically led by Musical Director Ian Packham Glória have a busy annual programme with lots to look forward to, including their very special Christmas Concert in Saint Patrick’s Cathedral on Friday 13th December.
Next year Glória is looking forward to traveling to Kraków, Poland in June 2020 to sing with London’s Diversity Choir and Polish choir Krakofonia. Representing an Ireland that is radically changing and feeling more inclusive all the time. There are lots in their diary in solidarity with community projects closer to home and they hope you will show your continued support.

Happy Winter Pride, love your Glória family

Paul Harrington (Dublin, ) is an Irish musician, who, with Charlie McGettigan, won the Eurovision Song Contest for Ireland in 1994.
. Paul shot to fame in 1989 when his cover version of Randy Edelman’s Uptown Uptempo Woman entered the top 20 pop charts. In 1991, Harrington released an album entitled What I’d Say comprising of twelve tracks, the album was released on the Eaton Records label.
In 1994, after being approached by composer Brendan Graham Paul entered the Eurovision Song Contest with another Irish singer-songwriter, Charlie McGettigan, the song they sang was “Rock ‘n’ Roll Kids” with music and lyrics by Brendan Graham. Harrington and McGettigan were the first group in Eurovision history to have been awarded more than 200 points (226), and their win was the third consecutive for Ireland, representing the first hat trick to have been achieved by any nation.
Following his Eurovision win, Paul performed numerous corporate gigs for well know celebrities and performed for Prince following Prince’s sold gig in Dublin in 2001.
Paul has made numerous TV appearances in Ireland, Britain, and Europe. With performances
Harrington also performed as the leading vocalist in the Michael Flatley production of ’Celtic Tiger ‘with performances in The Point, RDS and Madison Square Garden

Veda and Lady K are a drag queen and a trans woman from Dublin who have recently come together to write and record an EP of alternative folk-rock songs entitled “ I Came Out One Night” due for release late 2019. Veda is a veteran of the queer cabaret scene. She started her act in San Francisco in the 1990s and is one of Dublin’s die-hard drag legends. She is a wife, a witch doctor and a drag mother. She is the supreme of Witchy Wednesday at the George. Veda has been making original music throughout her career, both with her band, Daddy’s Little Princess and as a solo artist. Over the years she has collaborated with notable artists like Gavin Friday, David Hoyle & Maria McKee and is currently collaborating on a new EP entitled “ I Came Out One Night “ with the formidable Lady K. Lady K is a Dublin based Musician, Cabaret Performer, and co-host of the ‘Giving Me Life’ podcast. She is one of the founders and co-producers of the Queer performance troupe Undercurrent. In 2018, ‘Overfired’ with Stefan Fae and Lady K won the Outburst Award at the Dublin Fringe Festival. Other appearances include shows at Live Collision Festival, Dublin Gay Theatre Festival, Pride In London Arts Festival, and ‘No Encore’ at the 2016 Dublin Fringe Festival. Veda and Lady K debuted their new songs at Love Sensation Festival this summer and are looking forward to gracing the stage at Winter Pride in The National Concert Hall on November 25th.


The duo consists of the Caroline Bailey on vocals and Jen Bowler on guitar and vocals. Sparkles return to The Outing Festival for their 3rd year.

The duo shot to internet fame in 2017 with their ‘Couch Cover’ of Ed Sheeran’s Castle on the Hill which generated over 310,000 views on Facebook.

They had a write up in the Irish Daily Mirror because of this and they also got to perform live on Corks Red FM and Corks 96fm. Since then the girls have gone from strength to strength gigging all over Ireland and uploading their weekly couch covers. They have performed in front of over 60,000 people at the Dublin LGBTQ Pride Festival & Parade and returned in 2019. Click Here for more info

Zrazy formed in 1992 and has won numerous awards for their music in the USA and Ireland, including Irish Music Critics “Best New Band”, USA Glama and Outmusic Awards. They have recorded 5 CDs and are currently writing new material for a new album.
Zrazy is based in Dublin, Ireland. Formed by vocalist Maria Walsh and pianist, saxophonist Carole Nelson, Zrazy are in the forefront of contemporary Irish jazz/world music. “glorious free-spirited jazz” – Irish Times

Phil T Gorgeous
Drag king, gender illusionist, male impersonator, weirdo…. call him what you want but there’s no doubt that whatever he is, Phil T. Gorgeous is ALL man……. well….. Mostly. He first swaggered across the stage in early 2004 introducing unsuspecting audiences to his own brand of drag performance and whether entertaining in the intimate surroundings of a cozy cafe or hosting to tens of thousands at Pride events, Phil has been happily raising eyebrows both nationally and internationally ever since. Phil has been parading his own brand of gender-bending hornfusion on the George’s stage since winning the first-ever Davina’s Apprentice in 2011. Since then he has been a regular miscreant addition to Davina’s thirsty Thursdays as well as hosting his own show on Monday nights with Bunny, Win Lose or one of the only regularly performing drag king who can be seen every Monday with his partner in crime Bunny.

I’m the little porcelain doll that you just want to crack…
But that would be manslaughter, so don’t even think about it!
The curvy, wasp-waisted, auburn-haired Bunny O’Hare is a Protestant from … She moved to Dublin after winning a competition to work with Panti on The Panti … Remarkably, she’s the most responsible of Panti’s drag daughters

Brew – Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist

Brew from Melodic Indie Irish Rock group BLUESUN, based in Dublin, Ireland…This year Brew with be performing slow at The Outing Festival a few times over the weekend festival. Hot Press magazine reports “ a great looking band with original style, BLUESUN’s material has an easy-going summery feel…as a unit, they gel extremely well together and the frontman is fantastic.”

BREW hails from New York City and has gigged extensively within the UK, Ireland, and the USA, but resides in Dublin for over 20 years

Avoca Reaction
Avoca Reaction has become a fixture on the Dublin queer scene since they made their debut in 2018. Avoca identifies as an intergender drag entity who believes that drag is the expression of our oppression. As an artist who identifies as non-binary, they are committed to making work that provides much needed representation for the Genderqueer community. They are the host and producer of The Queer Cabaret at Drop Dead Twice and Bow Lane, highlighting alternative drag and cabaret talent. As a performer, their credits include Electric Picnic, Dublin Fringe Festival, Glitterhole, Spicebag, Witchy Wednesday’s at The George and Xnthony’s ‘Sodom & Begorrah’ at The Glory in London.. Insta @avocareaction |